3 -Reasons- To- Run- A Competitive- Analysis -On -Facebook -Ads -in -2019

3 Reasons To Run A Competitive Analysis On Facebook Ads in 2019

Facebook is one of the best digital marketing platforms and there are millions of advertisers available on it. So if you are also having an account on Facebook for advertising purpose, then you might be aware of how much tough the competition is these days. In order to stand out among a huge population of marketers on Facebook, making an attractive ad is not enough, you also need to analyze what your competitors are doing to make their marketing efforts more effective. I guess this is the only way any competitor can help you positively. Let us check out some more reasons why you should always run a competitive analysis of the Facebook ads of your rivals.

Helps you to discover new keywords

For creating a different marketing strategy and making a successful Facebook ad campaign, the keyword is very important. It has a direct impact on your ads. The more profitable and attractive your keyword is the more beneficial it is for your campaign. But there are times when you lack ideas for keywords, especially if you are creating an ad campaign from scratch. In such circumstances, it usually takes one or two days to make the complete keyword list and these are the main reasons why you should spy on ads of your rivals.

Firstly, you can get better ideas for keywords by checking out what your competitors are using and secondly you can save your time.  

Improves your ads

Another important part of Facebook marketing strategies is ads. If your ads are attractive and get more clicks or visits then you can assume that your campaign is successful. But you cannot able to improve your ads if you are not aware of the competition in the market. When you see the ads of your rival companies and the response they are getting then you can get more productive ideas to improve your ads. At the end of the, whether you want or not, you have to deal with the competition at least in the marketing field.

Enhance your conversion funnel

Almost every Facebook ad consist of one or more than one link of the landing page and when you spy on your competitor’s ads and their landing pages, you will get to learn what tactics they are using to convert their traffic which eventually helps to enhance your conversion funnel.

Hence, we hope that these potential reasons are enough to encourage you, keeping an eye on your competitors Facebook ads.