5- New -Instagram -Features -That -You- May- Have -Missed!

5 New Instagram Features That You May Have Missed!

Instagram is on an incredible move this year, achieving 400 million every day dynamic users on IG Stories and 1 billion month to month dynamic users on the whole. It’s presently the quickest developing social networking platform, flourishing five times quicker than any other social media platforms. By the completion of the year 2021, it is expected to reach 930 million dynamic users.

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To coordinate its quick development, Instagram is likewise introducing new highlights fast. Indeed, we wouldn’t be astounded in case you missed a few of them. That is the reason we’ve given a brief about some of the most vital highlights from a previous couple of months that advertisers should know.

  1. Recommended Posts

Toward the end of last month, Instagram started testing suggested posts in the Feed as another route for users to find the content of their interest. Clients see these suggested posts after they’re done viewing up with the accounts they pursue, allowing them a chance to follow new users and brands.

  1. Shoppable Tags in Stories

Instagram made another stride toward social business by bringing its shoppable labels from the fundamental Feed to Stories. According to the latest survey on Instagram, more and more people tend to follow up a brand after seeing their IG stories. Now, marketers can add shoppable tags to their stories so that their customers can know more about their products and services without much of a stress. People are nowadays looking forward to buy Instagram views so as to make their posts popular.

  1. Stories Questions

Another important feature of Instagram that is considered popular is the use of question stickers in the Instagram stories. Using this feature, the marketers and general Instagram users are allowed to interact with their audience in a better way. The sticker enables anybody to ask questions to the records they pursue, providing a new window of opportunity to brands to drive targeted traffic to their official site.

  1. @Mention Sharing in Stories

Instagram now gives clients a chance to add content that @mentions them to their own Stories as a sticker that labels the primary creator. This capacity to re-share Stories is particularly helpful for brands, giving chances to accumulate user-produced content or encourage influencer alliances.

  1. New Call-to-Action Buttons

Following its constrained deployment of innate payment, Instagram introduced the Action buttons with elite partners. Through this option, clients can now “Get Tickets,” “Begin Order,” and perform similar activities.


These were the 5 Instagram features that you may have missed to consider this year. These latest features are expected to be in trend in the forthcoming years as well.

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