3 Ways To Use Facebook New Features To Watchdog Your Competitor’s Strategies

In 2019, Facebook brought a new feature that allows users to see ads businesses run on Facebook.

This feature brings more transparency to Facebook ads and pages. Since its inception, advertisers are getting tons of data that are extremely helpful in architecting their business strategies.

Apart from the Facebook-owned feature, advertisers also take help of various efficient  Facebook Ad Intelligence tools to track on their competitor’s activities. Facebook welcomes every business size no matter it’s a top fortune company or a small business. And, it’s not possible for a business owner to use tools that are chargeable as their revenue earning capacity is not too high.

Now, anyone can see the ads running across on Facebook, including some associated networking platforms. Advertisers can analyze their competitor’s ads, learn essentials as well as design something that seems better. All you need to do is:-

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Move to your competitor’s ads.
  • Select “Info and Ads” then.


A handful of this information, you can evaluate the competition, and polish your existing PPC strategy to create alluring ads to gain more engagement. Here are five ways have given that will boost your advertising strategy, see them:-

Track down new product or announcement s of your competitor.

Companies often take advantage of Facebook ads to quantify the interest of their targeted demographics. They test the product or services to a smaller audience before introducing it into the market. You need to be cautious to keep an eye on every single footprint of your rival companies.

Gather ideas for new content

Advertisers don’t have to pay for getting traffic to their website when their content strategy is well-optimized. Make sure to research for new content that encourages readers. Moreover, Facebook provides you the ease of finding out content your competitors have been using to stand out.

Check out latest offers, and schemes.

To walk hand-in-hand with your competitors, you should avail offers and discount schemes to the customers as they do. Businesses usually release offers and amenities during seasonal promotions like “flat 60% off”, this can be seen even in the case of big brands. Remember, customers, are not committed to shop for your products only. They will turn direction wherever they get a little bit of added benefits.

Watch Similar Video:-

Tips For Creating Facebook Ads That Converts


Since recent Facebook updates aim at bringing better transparency among the ads, it is appreciable by most of the advertisers. Switching to “Info and Ads” tool, you get access to all your competitor’s hidden advertising techniques, pricing, messaging, and many more.

Reddit- Marketing-A- Definite- Guide- On -How -To- Use- Reddit -For- Brand -Promotion

Reddit Marketing: A Definite Guide On How To Use Reddit For Brand Promotion

Unless you are a newbie on the internet, you might have heard about Reddit. Slogan attached to this platform is “The front page of the Internet” that means it’s one of the most compelling online community to explore and share interesting content. If you are a marketer willing to make active promotion for your brand, Reddit is the right place where you have the opportunity to publish content among a massive population of 195 million visitors, approximately.

It is up to you how precisely you leverage Reddit All to submit valuable content for the users along with explaining your products. Continue reading this article to know, how.


Does Reddit perform the job of an efficient marketing tool for your business (product or services)? To determine it, you first need to learn audience demographic that form this amazing community. Recent research concludes that the majority of Redditors lies between the age of 18 to 34. Based on age, we can assume that many users have been still pursuing their education or some have just entered college. If your targeted audience found somewhere in these criteria, you can easily showcase your brand and generate more sales leads.

Instructions to post

Having done with demographics, now the next thing you need to consider when trying to accomplish your Reddit marketing objective is posting content. Before posting content, account creation is a must. Create an account with all the necessary details and profiling. Make sure to confirm your account before you proceed further. Doing so is not only necessary to grant you the permission to post, but it also builds integrity of your posts so that it might get a chance to appear on the top pages of Reddit.

On Reddit, you are bound to give more than what you receive. The more you will contribute and immerse in the activities, the better your performance will be. Once you have created an account, you are allowed to build Karma which acts as a spam mapping instrument. Your karma is nothing to do with the content, but it defines whether users are ready to trust the information you share.

Closing conclusion

Even after holding a lot of untapped marketing potential, Reddit is still not that much popular among the people as it should be. While long-term organic traffic is not proving productive, Reddit let you enjoy short-term massive traffic outbreak that would serve you with a winsome profit from an online business.


Most Efficacious Facebook Marketing Strategies For 2019

Facebook marketing is not something get invented just right now or something called a “new chick of the block”. It has been quite a persistence from the past a few years but comes into solid action since recent one or two years. People’s response towards it has been quite amazing and candid. We have to say the younger generation people invest a considerable amount of their daily time on social media platforms and especially on Facebook.

It’s damn clear that businesses are pushing the envelope every single day when it comes to offering better ads and marketing cliffhangers to people out there. That’s why the competition on Facebook slot gone to altogether another level. Because of that many start-up business owners and entrepreneur find it very daunting to craft an effective marketing strategy for their business. So here we are to assist you in this. This article makes you aware of some amazing Facebook marketing strategies for 2019. So, let’s jump in!!!


Make use of video ads in Facebook campaigns:

Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Video Ads

As per all the recent studies were done on Facebook marketing strategies found that video ads are captivating audience more in comparison to simple text or image ads. Making use of them in Facebook ads not only attract people but provides complete insight about brand specifications, price, and all. Whereas in image-based simple ads, many things remain unsaid as a result people feel bored and Passover various detailed things. But this is not a case with video ads where people remain active throughout and also ended-up taking instant shopping action.


Run a targeting ad campaign amongst the most engaged viewers:

This is one of the winning Facebook strategies you can ever use for your business. It will help you to grasp the fundamental idea or reaction of people towards your brand and also gives you time to make improvements before getting it launched in front of the whole world. For this, you have to just create an ad consist of basic features of your product and send it to the most engaged viewers of your brand. You have to track the people who viewed it more than 2 or 3 minutes then retarget them with call-to-action stuff and wait to see how many of them convert into your customers.


Make use of Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook Ads Manager

As we all know, Facebook Ads Manager is a marketing software which can help advertisers in ad creation along with-

It keeps track where and at what time your ads are running.

Analyze each and every beat of Facebook ads.

This main boon that comes with the use of Facebook ads manager is that it gets designed in a way, so, naive people can also use it to create something extraordinary.

These are some of the most effective Facebook marketing strategies for 2019.

04- Effective -Ways -To- Grow- Your -Social- Presence

Four Effective Ways To Grow Your Social Presence

Social media intents to connect people from each other, no matter they are sitting in any corner of the world.  In the current scenario, every brand maintains its active presence on social media in order to increase their reach and expand the business. Actually, you can’t miss the biggest opportunity of showcasing your brand among huge audience present on various popular social networking sites. And in case you missed it, your business will remain untouched with the essence of reaching your target audience on social media.

Forget about brands, even a small business organization have their social media accounts to stay engaged with their audiences. So, how you would obtain the benefits of social media? This is probably a common question among people. Let’s see its answer below.

  • Define your goals

Before you begin improving your social media presence, make sure you have a transparent goal in mind. In simple words, you should know that what actually you are making efforts to achieve? Learn every minute essential about your audience and in what ways they can be reached easily and in less time. Moreover, you must have thorough knowledge about the platform where you are going to kick off a great start.

  • Create a winning profile

Since you are about to join a social media platform, start thinking about the necessary improvements that need to be done in your profile. At first, write down a short bio that specifies your product. Adding a few relevant keywords in this bio will drive more traffic to your website. Furthermore, your profile picture should be your company’s logo itself as it cuts down people’s hassle of finding your brand among various brands similar to your niche.

  • Follow significant accounts

Of course, you can gain more followers but your account must prove its legitimacy for that. There is nothing complicated, you just need to follow some accounts that are related to your niche of business. This is quite important to maintain your accuracy. Out of every 100 people you follow, one-third will follow you back sooner or later that becomes another assistance for your social media growth.

  • Switch to social media growth tool

Most of the organizations do complain about the obstacles they face while maintaining multiple social media accounts for their business. To remove these obstacles, several social media growth tools have been introduced over the years. As per your business size and need, you can pick one of them to regulate all of your business activities well.

These are some recommendations that would hopefully help you in strengthening social media strategy and increase your profit margin as well.


4 Innovative Things To Know About Native Ads

Marketers are becoming quite interested in native advertising, as it makes it easier for them to engage with their digital audience. After knowing the performance of native ads in 2017-18, there was quite an increase in the marketers who have started investing in native advertising. Do you want to know more about native advertising?

Then you should read this article, as it will help you to find more about native ads.


On the current trend, videos are the most effective tools of branding that marketers have. Earlier there were only a few channels to share videos on social media. However, with the progress of media, now native advertising videos appear in most of the social media platforms.

As you can see Facebook as an example, which became a trending platform for native advertising. You can easily find auto-play video ads on your Facebook timeline which might also be relevant to your interests as well. While video ads can have a better impact on audience compared to the pictorial form of adverts.

native ads

Social Media

Social media has become an important platform for advertisers. While it also has a major role in native advertising. Social media contains a different variety of contents which also creates more options for adverts. As advertisers can also add in-feed ads to drive the attention of the audience on their blogs, articles, video post or money site etc.

Because of social media advertising, now brands can show off their own personality based on the products or their service which they are selling.

Mobile applications

Nowadays, you can see that most of the people use mobile applications to use social media. Based on a study, there is nearly 60% of traffic on social media channels comes from mobile users only.


This has also caught the attention of advertisers and it leads to the rise of native advertising in mobile applications. Based on different social media, mobile applications, native adverts can be shown in different forms like images, videos, audios etc.


Because of the native advertising, the transparency between the audience and the marketers have increased. Since native advertising tends to engage with the audience more. However, the users who feel that they have been duped by an advert won’t have good affiliation about that brand.

That’s why the FTC introduced a new law, which makes it necessary for the native advertisers to show the reality and facts about their brand in front of their viewers.

These are some of the important innovations of native advertising which you need to know. Native advertising can help you to better connect with your audience, at the same time it also maintains the transparency of brands to the audience.


03 Best Hacks To Gain More Fame On Twitter

Nowadays, Twitter has the towering fan following over 321 million active users from all across the world. Therefore get seen as one of the most influential social media networks of today’s generation. Katy Perry is the biggest current celebrity of Twitter with 106.9 million followers. That’s awesome!! Following her, former American President Barack Obama is the second most followed personality on Twitter with about 104,251,685 followers.

These statistics show how far the reach of Twitter has gone. Many people want to become a quintessential star on Twitter but initially find it impossible due to the intense competition it has. There are several Twitter automation software for free like Socinator available on the web nowadays. That can help you to create overall an outstanding Twitter presence. Besides, there are some hacks which can assist you in making a powerful Twitter account. So, without wasting time let’s start!!

Craft an interesting Twitter bio:

Twitter bio works as a reflection of your persona on Twitter and help people in understanding and getting familiar with your insights. A great bio can vanish every possible miscommunication or communication barrier in between you and people. Including hobbies, profession, name, and blah blah… is necessary but not enough to arrest people attention completely. For that, you have to go much beyond and try something creative with your writing skills.

You should add location to your bio in order to create a sense of realness in the eyes of the audience. For example, if you are an owner of some restaurant then add the geographical location of that or if you don’t have any business then you can simply include the name of the city where you reside.

Socialize on other social media platforms:

Twitter automation software free
Twitter automation software free

This is the best strategy one could follow to get more followers on Twitter. You have to just mention your Twitter handle name in your posts while posting them on other social media platforms. This will definitely evoke people to follow your Twitter account and as a whole boost-up your online presence. This also interlinked you’re all social media profiles in a way and made it easier for people to sneak into your numerous posts simultaneously.

Make use of videos and visuals in your Tweets:

Simple text messages have become quite old and tedious to attract people in this era when they have an abundance of other channels for entertainment. Addition of thrilling videos, Gifs, and visuals tends to generate more traffic at your Twitter handle and create more buzz. As per research, people get three times more interested while engaging with tweets consist of videos and quality images.

These are the best 3 hacks one should follow to gain more name and fame on Twitter.


Tips To Create Facebook Advertisement To Maximize Your Budget In 2019!

We all know, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. According to the different researches, almost 2 billion internet users use Facebook every day for getting any kind of news and information. Most of the marketer and businessman use this platform for promoting their business successfully and effectively.

Facebook offers a promotion or advertisement service for all business owners. Facebook advertisement is the most effective method to promote their business brand and boost your traffic on search engines. It can help you to reach more target and right audience through your posted content. If you want to present your content in front of people, then you will have to create an attractive and powerful Facebook ad.

There are few tips to create an amazing Facebook ad to increase your business budget.

Focus on Target Audience:-

The most important thing that you will have to do is to know your audience properly like what they want! So, understand your audience and then create effective Facebook ads according to their choice.

Share valuable video:-

Video is the most effective part of your ads. Make sure to include high-quality and valuable videos or images in your Facebook ad, which describes your brand or increase your budget.

Add Quality Content:-

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

If you are talking about Facebook advertisement, then the content is the most crucial part of that. Because content represents your business quality and service. So you will have to add quality or fresh content relevant to your business.

Utilize Facebook ad Format:-

Many different and effective ad formats are available on Facebook. You can choose any format and create amazing Facebook advertisement for your business growth and increasing your budget.

Look At Your Placements Carefully:-

You can reach more users in the different location on Facebook. There are two placements- Mobile placement and Desktop placement. You can choose any placement or both and post your ad on Facebook.

Manage ad frequency:-

Make sure your Facebook advertising frequency is low as maximum frequency doesn’t increase your number of customers. The frequency will tell you how often a person is watching the same version of your ad.


These Facebook advertising tips will help you create fabulous and impressive Facebook ads. Through it, you can grow your customers, boost your sales lead, improve your web traffic, promote your business successfully and enhance your budget effectively.

3 -Reasons- To- Run- A Competitive- Analysis -On -Facebook -Ads -in -2019

3 Reasons To Run A Competitive Analysis On Facebook Ads in 2019

Facebook is one of the best digital marketing platforms and there are millions of advertisers available on it. So if you are also having an account on Facebook for advertising purpose, then you might be aware of how much tough the competition is these days. In order to stand out among a huge population of marketers on Facebook, making an attractive ad is not enough, you also need to analyze what your competitors are doing to make their marketing efforts more effective. I guess this is the only way any competitor can help you positively. Let us check out some more reasons why you should always run a competitive analysis of the Facebook ads of your rivals.

Helps you to discover new keywords

For creating a different marketing strategy and making a successful Facebook ad campaign, the keyword is very important. It has a direct impact on your ads. The more profitable and attractive your keyword is the more beneficial it is for your campaign. But there are times when you lack ideas for keywords, especially if you are creating an ad campaign from scratch. In such circumstances, it usually takes one or two days to make the complete keyword list and these are the main reasons why you should spy on ads of your rivals.

Firstly, you can get better ideas for keywords by checking out what your competitors are using and secondly you can save your time.  

Improves your ads

Another important part of Facebook marketing strategies is ads. If your ads are attractive and get more clicks or visits then you can assume that your campaign is successful. But you cannot able to improve your ads if you are not aware of the competition in the market. When you see the ads of your rival companies and the response they are getting then you can get more productive ideas to improve your ads. At the end of the, whether you want or not, you have to deal with the competition at least in the marketing field.

Enhance your conversion funnel

Almost every Facebook ad consist of one or more than one link of the landing page and when you spy on your competitor’s ads and their landing pages, you will get to learn what tactics they are using to convert their traffic which eventually helps to enhance your conversion funnel.

Hence, we hope that these potential reasons are enough to encourage you, keeping an eye on your competitors Facebook ads.