Things You Should Know About Tik Tok- Why It Is So Popular

One of the most popular social video platforms that are making headlines is Tik Tok. So, we are here to discuss, what is Tik Tok and how did it become quite popular? Yes, we can consider Tik Tok similar to vines, where people use short videos to express themselves and show their talent among people.

One of the genuine intentions of Tik Tok is to redefine online socialization, which is made possible through the introduction of online videos. Twitter is a social media platform based on text, Instagram is on images and Tik Tok is completely based on videos made by different people including the celebrities.

Let’s put some light on the history

Tik Tok is basically started in China but later on, in the year 2017, it received millions of fund on investment thus spread all over Asia in less time. Basically, Tik Tok aims at challenging the monopoly of Tencent over all the Chinese social media platforms. Tencent is known for its one of the best and popular feature that is Wechat.

Taking the position of

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In the year 2017, Tik Tok acquired for an amount of nearly one billion dollars. This possession has opened an international market for Tik Tok which is considered to be one of the major reason behind the extensive popularity of Tik Tok within such a short span of time. Right after the acquisition, Tik Tok took the help of all possible means of advertisement that makes people aware of the latest and transformed Now, we rarely hear about someone using the name of, instead, they all use to tag the popular video-making platform as Tik Tok.

Duet Feature

Duet feature is one of the unique facility provided to the users in order to make interesting and entertaining videos. Actually, Tik Tok plays both the videos side by side which results in the creation of amazing videos. The user can act or response either by dancing to replying to the dialogues of original videos. Moreover, you can also buy tiktok fans that would help you to make the profile attractive over the famous platform.

However Tik Tok is becoming quite popular with the time, but Google research claims that it is not going to stay for so long as Vines as it was introduced before Tik Tok and they all have the same concept.

5- New -Instagram -Features -That -You- May- Have -Missed!

5 New Instagram Features That You May Have Missed!

Instagram is on an incredible move this year, achieving 400 million every day dynamic users on IG Stories and 1 billion month to month dynamic users on the whole. It’s presently the quickest developing social networking platform, flourishing five times quicker than any other social media platforms. By the completion of the year 2021, it is expected to reach 930 million dynamic users.

 Buy Instagram views
Buy Instagram views

To coordinate its quick development, Instagram is likewise introducing new highlights fast. Indeed, we wouldn’t be astounded in case you missed a few of them. That is the reason we’ve given a brief about some of the most vital highlights from a previous couple of months that advertisers should know.

  1. Recommended Posts

Toward the end of last month, Instagram started testing suggested posts in the Feed as another route for users to find the content of their interest. Clients see these suggested posts after they’re done viewing up with the accounts they pursue, allowing them a chance to follow new users and brands.

  1. Shoppable Tags in Stories

Instagram made another stride toward social business by bringing its shoppable labels from the fundamental Feed to Stories. According to the latest survey on Instagram, more and more people tend to follow up a brand after seeing their IG stories. Now, marketers can add shoppable tags to their stories so that their customers can know more about their products and services without much of a stress. People are nowadays looking forward to buy Instagram views so as to make their posts popular.

  1. Stories Questions

Another important feature of Instagram that is considered popular is the use of question stickers in the Instagram stories. Using this feature, the marketers and general Instagram users are allowed to interact with their audience in a better way. The sticker enables anybody to ask questions to the records they pursue, providing a new window of opportunity to brands to drive targeted traffic to their official site.

  1. @Mention Sharing in Stories

Instagram now gives clients a chance to add content that @mentions them to their own Stories as a sticker that labels the primary creator. This capacity to re-share Stories is particularly helpful for brands, giving chances to accumulate user-produced content or encourage influencer alliances.

  1. New Call-to-Action Buttons

Following its constrained deployment of innate payment, Instagram introduced the Action buttons with elite partners. Through this option, clients can now “Get Tickets,” “Begin Order,” and perform similar activities.


These were the 5 Instagram features that you may have missed to consider this year. These latest features are expected to be in trend in the forthcoming years as well.

How to Do Music Promotion In 4 Easy Steps

Well, people, those who are new to the music business always used to face a lot of hurdles while promoting their music online! But now the internet has opened limitless possibilities by which you can easily promote your music online. There are so many platforms available online where you can easily promote your music and you can get a chance to reach a thousand number of people as well. And the easiest way to a successful  promotion in today’s music industry is to try new things. Now, how to promote your music? So, given below are some of the tips which can help you a lot to promote your music online:

Do live promotion

With everything becoming digital, it has become quite easy to forget about the value of the person-to-person interaction. And you can create great quality music, release it, distribute it, promote it, and even play live as well. But, just because you can release something entirely online that doesn’t mean that you will not promote it live! If you want to do free promotion for your music then you can also promote it within-person in person by going live.

Try to use social media in the right way

Well, we all love using different social media platforms. And if you’re not on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter these days, then it is just like that you don’t even exist. So, if you seriously want to do your music video promotion then I would suggest you to use different social platforms for promoting it online. And if you will ask me then YouTube will be the best place where you can easily do your music marketing. You can also buy YouTube views as well which will help you to gain more popularity.

Make collaboration videos with other musicians

We all know that collaborations are one of the best way to reach out more number of people. All you need to do is to collaborate with other musicians which will help you to get noticed by more number of people and it will also increase your popularity as well. You can work with the musician and both of you together can make an album as well.


music promotion

Promote your music on different websites

Not only the different social media platforms but there are also many other websites available where you can easily promote your own music. Different websites like the one which is trusted by all Spotify will be the best place for doing your hip hop or any kind of music promotion. You can also buy Spotify plays as well which will help you to get noticed by many people.


Thus these all were some of the tips which can surely help you to get a successful promotion for your music video online.


How To Gain Popularity Through Social Media Platform:

Like other famous social media platform, also give the opportunity to various users in order to become internet famous. It is basically a music and video sharing app where people can share their talent through creative videos in order to stand out the crowd of users. First of all, you need to be familiar with, where users are allowed to record fifteen-second video. The app comprises of the features like editing, speed adjustments as well as color filters so that the videos can be recorded in a more innovative way.

Necessary Steps

Like, comment or follow other videos on the platform

Those who want to gain more followers must follow other users instead of waiting for their response. Initially, few followers (usually six) have been provided by and it relies completely on your performance and ideas to turn out those few followers into bulks. You can simply post a comment on other’s video like “Nice one! Check out mine” without even watching their videos. In this way, your Musically profile will become more attractive with loads of likes, followers and comments.

Post videos frequently

You should post videos regularly on Releasing four videos in a week can be sufficient to get highlighted over the platform. The videos must be emphasizing to the other users, posting random videos on the similar genre would definitely become uninteresting. Test your videos by replaying before posting so that the mistakes should be recognized and eliminated on time.

Interact with the people who respond you

Follow back to all of them who follows you. Being a newbie user, you should look for every possible way to maintain a secure position on the platform. You might be getting comments which are mostly spam, promoting followers thus not emphasizing to make positive impacts on the videos. Search for the genuine users, who often like or comment on your videos, like them back and drop a comment for their posted videos to grow musically followers.

Share videos on other social media platforms

Gaining popularity on is not a difficult task if you are blessed with the talent of making attractive videos. Share videos on rest of your social media account via Instagram or Facebook. This will let your friends know about the activity thus they would also become a means of making your success obvious.


People usually think that making videos on is an easy task but the fact is somewhat different. Holding the phone in hands, moving lips on music at the same time maintaining good look is definitely a difficult task to do.


6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has become the number one social media platform these days as it has attracted so many people from all over the world. People are using Instagram for different purposes like influencing others, promoting their business, sharing their thoughts etc. If you are also among those people who want to achieve something by using Instagram than read the given below points carefully. All the points which are given below are the simple ways which will help you increase your followers.

  1. Keep a track on your followers

If you really want to achieve something from your Instagram account then you will need to Increase followers on Instagram because without followers your Instagram account is of no use. That’s why it is really important to keep a track on your followers and add more followers according to your niche.

Increase followers on Instagram
  1. Create an interactive content

This is one of the most important things which you have to keep in mind if you want to use online platforms like Instagram to build a quality audience. Creating content is easy but if you want to create interactive content than you need to put some quality efforts. With proper content, you can easily connect with your audience, so try to create interactive content.

  1. Engage with your audience

Always reply to the messages and comments of your followers, this way your followers will understand you and will always stay excited to talk to you. Talking to your followers will help in creating a bond of friendship and trust with them.

  1. Use the Instagram business

If you think that you are having a difficulty in getting the likes or building an audience than you can use the Instagram business. Instagram business is a feature provided by Instagram to increase the reach of a user’s account and posts.


  1. Post your content regularly

You should give preference to creating content and posting it daily. You should keep reminding your followers about your existence by posting your content regularly. Just pick two or three times of a day when most of your followers stay active and post your content that time only.

  1. Entertain your audience

Try to impress your audience by entertaining them. It’s always good to make people happy so try to post some funny content once in a while.

All the above ways are really simple to follow and apply, so do these things and increase your number of followers easily. And stay consistent in doing these things to get a better result. Thank you.