Different Types Of Marketing Tools

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a business. It is considered as a very effective way for companies to generate revenues. Based on the marketing strategy you are using, sometimes you can get immediate sales whereas other times it helps to create brand awareness which eventually results in the future purchase. There are various types of automation tools that companies are using these days to manage their social media accounts like, follow tool, unfollow tool, hashtag tool,Facebook ads etc. So let us look at some of the marketing tools and what are their benefits.

Traditional marketing

It is a very old marketing style but some companies still use this method. In this, generally, companies give advertisements on newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and banners etc. about their products and services. It is more like a one-way communication which focuses on to reach a large number of people at a time. Marketing tools such as paid printing advertisements are mostly used to carry out this type of marketing. Also, it is a quite costly process.

Digital marketing

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and invention of the internet, computer software , made it possible for the companies to reach out to their targeted audience and provide measurable communication. Digital marketing is one of those inventions. It can be carried out in so many platforms and in so many ways. It is also a very cost effective process.

Social media marketing

It is a subset of Digital marketing. However, the goal of social media marketing is to build an interactive platform for users.  Most common social marketing tools are tweeting, blogging, sharing, commenting etc. The amazing benefit of choosing this type of marketing is that it is cost effective. You only have to make an account on any of the social networking sites which is absolutely free and start implementing your strategies. However, there are also some paid campaigns available but they are not mandatory to use.

Promotional marketing tools

unfollow tool
unfollow tool

You might have received brochures, visiting cards, informative videos etc. These all come under promotional marketing tools. By using these items you can provide concise information about your business as well as details also. If completely depends on what item you are choosing and how much information you want to provide. But one thing you can assure by opting for this type of marketing strategy is the increase in your brand awareness.

Hence, these are some of the types of marketing tools that you can utilize for your business.