An -Ultimate -2019- Guide- To -Facebook -Ad- Targeting- Strategies

An Ultimate 2019 Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

Over the years, Facebook has turned out a great market place where businesses make all possible effort to stand out among the bulk of marketers. No matter you are an owner of a small setup or having an established brand with high-revenue income, Facebook welcomes everyone to post ads and achieve their business goals. In today’s article, we are about to discuss various targeting strategies available that works as Facebook ad finder. So let’s dive into them!

Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies You Should Be Aware Of

  • Consider User’s recent purchasing behavior

Whatever the ads you are creating, it must be designed keeping in mind your targeted audience otherwise it would be just a waste of time and money both. As a fact, Facebook keeps all mandatory information about their users like which site do users prefer for online shopping, what products they bought recently and also their buying habits. This helps businesses the ability to generate better leads and build a successful ad campaign consisting of loyal customers.



  • Go creative with life events targeting

Business can enhance their sales by targeting people on the basis of their life events. For instance, if your company sells out baby care product then you are supposed to target users who have conceived, going to attend baby-shower ceremony as well as women with newborn babies. This event targeting must be flexible to frame new strategies depending upon the circumstances in between specific interval of time.

  • Build loyalty among audiences using Facebook custom audience

The Facebook custom audience is one of the outstanding features that provide you the assistance of getting connected to the contact list, you already have on Facebook. Appearing first to your customers with appealing ads is probably a great means of staying in the long run and earning potential customers. In this way, you can make amendments to the existing contact list, therefore, exclude those who are not falling in the criteria of your targeted audience.

  • Determine your lookalike audience

Once you are familiar with custom audience strategy, it’s time to expand your reach by targeting people who fulfill the condition of your targeted customer anyway. Apart from the CRM base, you can go through the list of Facebook fans. When you select a country to target, Facebook makes your ads visible to only the people who seem like your targeted audience. As a whole, this method results in collecting more audience with less effort.