3 Ways To Use Facebook New Features To Watchdog Your Competitor’s Strategies

In 2019, Facebook brought a new feature that allows users to see ads businesses run on Facebook.

This feature brings more transparency to Facebook ads and pages. Since its inception, advertisers are getting tons of data that are extremely helpful in architecting their business strategies.

Apart from the Facebook-owned feature, advertisers also take help of various efficient  Facebook Ad Intelligence tools to track on their competitor’s activities. Facebook welcomes every business size no matter it’s a top fortune company or a small business. And, it’s not possible for a business owner to use tools that are chargeable as their revenue earning capacity is not too high.

Now, anyone can see the ads running across on Facebook, including some associated networking platforms. Advertisers can analyze their competitor’s ads, learn essentials as well as design something that seems better. All you need to do is:-

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Move to your competitor’s ads.
  • Select “Info and Ads” then.


A handful of this information, you can evaluate the competition, and polish your existing PPC strategy to create alluring ads to gain more engagement. Here are five ways have given that will boost your advertising strategy, see them:-

Track down new product or announcement s of your competitor.

Companies often take advantage of Facebook ads to quantify the interest of their targeted demographics. They test the product or services to a smaller audience before introducing it into the market. You need to be cautious to keep an eye on every single footprint of your rival companies.

Gather ideas for new content

Advertisers don’t have to pay for getting traffic to their website when their content strategy is well-optimized. Make sure to research for new content that encourages readers. Moreover, Facebook provides you the ease of finding out content your competitors have been using to stand out.

Check out latest offers, and schemes.

To walk hand-in-hand with your competitors, you should avail offers and discount schemes to the customers as they do. Businesses usually release offers and amenities during seasonal promotions like “flat 60% off”, this can be seen even in the case of big brands. Remember, customers, are not committed to shop for your products only. They will turn direction wherever they get a little bit of added benefits.

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Since recent Facebook updates aim at bringing better transparency among the ads, it is appreciable by most of the advertisers. Switching to “Info and Ads” tool, you get access to all your competitor’s hidden advertising techniques, pricing, messaging, and many more.

3 -Reasons- To- Run- A Competitive- Analysis -On -Facebook -Ads -in -2019

3 Reasons To Run A Competitive Analysis On Facebook Ads in 2019

Facebook is one of the best digital marketing platforms and there are millions of advertisers available on it. So if you are also having an account on Facebook for advertising purpose, then you might be aware of how much tough the competition is these days. In order to stand out among a huge population of marketers on Facebook, making an attractive ad is not enough, you also need to analyze what your competitors are doing to make their marketing efforts more effective. I guess this is the only way any competitor can help you positively. Let us check out some more reasons why you should always run a competitive analysis of the Facebook ads of your rivals.

Helps you to discover new keywords

For creating a different marketing strategy and making a successful Facebook ad campaign, the keyword is very important. It has a direct impact on your ads. The more profitable and attractive your keyword is the more beneficial it is for your campaign. But there are times when you lack ideas for keywords, especially if you are creating an ad campaign from scratch. In such circumstances, it usually takes one or two days to make the complete keyword list and these are the main reasons why you should spy on ads of your rivals.

Firstly, you can get better ideas for keywords by checking out what your competitors are using and secondly you can save your time.  

Improves your ads

Another important part of Facebook marketing strategies is ads. If your ads are attractive and get more clicks or visits then you can assume that your campaign is successful. But you cannot able to improve your ads if you are not aware of the competition in the market. When you see the ads of your rival companies and the response they are getting then you can get more productive ideas to improve your ads. At the end of the, whether you want or not, you have to deal with the competition at least in the marketing field.

Enhance your conversion funnel

Almost every Facebook ad consist of one or more than one link of the landing page and when you spy on your competitor’s ads and their landing pages, you will get to learn what tactics they are using to convert their traffic which eventually helps to enhance your conversion funnel.

Hence, we hope that these potential reasons are enough to encourage you, keeping an eye on your competitors Facebook ads.


Why To Use Facebook For Your Business?

Back in the year 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg and his some colleagues of Havard University launched this amazing idea of social media networking, no one had ever imagined that it would become the most powerful and popular social media platform of the world since 2019. But this is a reality of today’s Internet era that Facebook is the biggest social media platform in all over the globe with about 2.32 billion monthly active users and that’s incredible!!!

Earlier in between the years 2005 to 2010, Facebook always seemed like the best tool for communication and social bonding. But after then Facebook not only remains a platform for buddy’s conversation and all. It becomes much bigger and huge then it. Now it becomes a platform where millions of businesses display their brands and products to get attention from people. So their business could grow like an exponential curve. There are some various reasons for businesses to use Facebook that we’re going to right here in this article. So stay tuned!!

Spy Tools For Facebook

Target your audience with complete awareness:

As we all know, Facebook is a platform where folks of different age group have their account. According to some past study, about 80% of Internet users make use of Facebook. And Facebook also claimed that they consist of about 2.7 billion monthly active users by adding the users of its subsidiaries like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger. So, businesses over it can easily find out which age-grouped people would be appropriate for their particular brand and service.

Get immediate outcomes in more than no time:

In the era of internet, everything demands great pace which is like completely justified in case of business marketing strategies. These days, everything changes in a jiffy, so, do the people’s likes and dislikes. Trends get changed within very less time nowadays. That’s why your marketing strategies must get aligned with the pace of changes made in the market. Else, nobody going to purchase your products.

For that, you want the immediate reaction to every action of your marketing tactic. That’s quite simple in case of Facebook marketing where people let you know their reactions in seconds.

Ability to make alterations in your services:

Back in the days, people get no time to make changes in their products. If one product gets launched no one could able to did anything. This scenario is not similar in the case of Facebook. Here you can launch an initial raw idea of the project with your followers and you will automatically know whether they liked your idea or not. And accordingly, you can make changes in your projects. There are also various Spy Tools For Facebook available these days in the market that can also help you in this.  

These are some of the reasons that’s why every business should make use of Facebook. I wish after going through this post you would realize the importance of Facebook for your business.

How- To- Promote -Your -Small-Business- On- Facebook?

How To Promote Your Small Business On Facebook? [Revised As Per 2019 Updates]

Nowadays every small and big company has their appearance on social media as social media became the easiest platform for online marketing. While most of the marketers are using Facebook for marketing their brand as Facebook is having a higher reach compared to other social media. While it also owns social media like Instagram and WhatsApp which makes it perfect social media for marketers. Using Facebook you can also share your content on Instagram where you would be able to gain rich engagement for your brand products. You just need to generate some Facebook lead ads that will help you to enhance your business at the online platform. If you would also like to promote your small business using social media, then here are shown some tips for you.

Create your own business page

Even though Facebook provides you with a marketplace. However, you still need to have your own business webpage. You can use the backlink of that page in your Facebook ads to get more traffic to your business website. Having an own website gives the brand reliability to your brand product so that more people would be interested in your brands. You would have more chances of gaining from your business.

Post regularly

If you would like to gain more traffic on your business website, then you need to post your Facebook lead ads regularly. Since there is very tough competition on social media and your competitors are also trying their best to get better exposure on social media. If you don’t want yourself to left behind, then you need to post your ads frequently.



Promote your page

Facebook is highly populated social media compare to others, however, you should still promote your ads on other media as well. As you can share your ads on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked and other popular social networking sites. This way you would be able to get more traffic on your webpage. As you can also create backlinks on your webpage and while creating bookmarks on your website to promote your website on other media streams.

Engage with your followers

The easiest way to gain followers on social media is through direct interaction with your audience. As you can create a medium of conversation using social media. That way you could also ensure your clients about the reliability of your brand products. So that you would get more opportunity for business using social media marketing.

You can also use analytics tools of the Facebook-using marketplace that would help you to get the better engagement of the audience on your money site. By following the above ways you can generate more leads from Facebook marketing.