5 Ways to Get Quality Comments On Instagram

Who can deny the fact that they want to be popular and get praised by others? While Instagram is a worldwide platform where people can easily show off their talent. However, there are over a billion people are trying to attract the attention of each other on Instagram. If you really want to grab the attention of the Instagram audience, then you can follow the steps shown here, which might help you to get some quality comments on Instagram:

Make a Public Account

In the starting, you could gain a few followers and likes from the people, those who are close to you. With the private account, you would be limited to the people those who are close to you only. To gain more followers on your account, you need to uncheck the private account option while creating your Instagram account.

Enable Notifications on Your Device


Turn on the notifications, while you can reply to the comment of your followers and friends on Instagram. That way, you would be able to get the latest information about the activities.

To enable the notification, you need to go in your profile page. Tap on the setting gear at the right-hand corner. On that, you would find a button push Notification settings, where you can check the options about which you would like to be notified on Instagram.

Curate Excellent Content

If your content doesn’t amaze your viewers, then it would be difficult for you to get enough response on Instagram. While you need to add attractive content so that you would be able to gain more views, likes, followers and comments on Instagram.

Host Contest and Give-Aways

The best way to encourage to get more comments on Instagram is to host a contest or giveaways. That way you could be able to attract more viewers on your profile. While other Instagrammers may comment on your post and ask you more about the contest. As your contest would encourage more viewers, you would get more response on Instagram.

Delete Comments that You Don’t Want

delete all Instagram comments

There might be some comments which you don’t want to show to your viewers. While your competitors may have abuse or trying to spam on your content. In that case, it is better to delete such comments. In case you can also make use of an Instagram tool like Gramboard.ai using which you can delete multiple comments. If you are thinking to delete all Instagram comments, this might give a negative effect to your audience. While it is better to remove only the comments which you don’t want in your  Instagram posts.

By following the above-shown ways you can boost the chances of getting quality comments on Instagram.