How To Maintain The Human Touch With Social Media Automation?

To make your social media presence solid and unmatched in a short span of time you should make use of automation tools like GramBoard. So, able to display the right and most relevant content at the right time frame. But, do you know these all things can also get seen as something unnatural and inauthentic? And become a solid reason behind people taking your business services as frivolous.

This all happens when businesses completely become dependable on social media automation tools and forget that human touch is also important with these automatic errands in order to give people a sense of realness. Overuse of automation tools makes your customers see your business as a so-called marketing organization despite an online expansion of your brand image.

In today’s world, when social interaction and personalization has become a need of an hour then you can take a risk by appearing monotonous and robotic. You have to strike a perfect balance between automation and human efforts for better and long-lasting results.


Follow the 50-30-20 Rule:

The basic funda that comes with automation is to automate social media completely and reduce human efforts to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean you get a license to automate each and everything whenever there is something to do. The 50-30-20 is one of the best rule followed by businesses in order to remain authentic with automation. That simply means-

  • 50% of your social media posts should be related to others but somehow a bit relevant to your audience.
  • 30% of your social media posts should be solely relevant to your audience.
  • 20% of your social media posts should be personal but not related to your business that socializes your work in any way.

So, must keep the 50-3-20 rule as the basic preference in line with your automation tool.


Automation optimization:

Every social media automation tool permits you to schedule date, time, messages, and various other aspects for the automation of your posts. So, don’t lapse your automation power by just copy-pasting your article heading by simply stuffing a URL. Instead of all this, you have to decide the right optimization tactic for your posts in the tools. For that, you can add videos, images, hashtags, the name of relevant brands, reduce the length of URLs for making things look clean and tidy. Plus, you should keep your automation traits with respect to appropriate time intervals with them.

So, these are some of the things you can practice to make automation aspects look real and posted by investing flood, sweat, and tears.